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Mape Machinery were founded back in 1975. The company were active in the field of electronic subassembly,PCB manufaturing, transformer- and coil winding as well as in the manufacture of public adress systems.In 1978 Mape developed a NC-drilling and -routing machine, primarily designated for in-house use in the companyís PCB manufacturing department.

The first Mape NC drilling machine were soon discovered by local trading agents, and it was quickly decided to develop a new generation of machines, based entirely on an industrial computer design, hence Mapeís first CNC machine was born: Mape CNC-100X. This machine was equipped with a small manual tool change spindle, but after just a year a new model emerged, named CNC-100R (R for routing) which was a small, yet powerful driller/router, which became very popular among the small to medium sized PCB manufacturers.

Itís great popularity was due to the simple, reliable design that included an integrated video programming system (it was before the low cost CAD days), and itís easy-to-operate, no-nonsense design and powerful mechanical contruction.Houndreds of these machines still see service today, 20 years after the introduction. Many of those excellent vintages are still used in the electronic and plactic industry for milling precision contours in circuit boards, plastic boxes or aluminum front panels

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