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CNC-1 is a modular production machine ("production-cell") for the drilling & routing of printed circuit boards and non-ferrous metals.

CNC-1 is the cost-effective, high performance modular alternative for today's fast turn-around jobs.

CNC-1 machines can be "stacked" and linked together to create a powerful multispindle machine-tool while still maintaining the flexibility of the stand-alone single spindle machine.
In this way, you combine the best of both worlds.

The CNC-1 gives you the FLEXIBILITY to put your drilling or routing capacity exactly where you NEED it, and to switch between jobs quickly with focus on cost-effectivness.

The ever smaller lot sizes, the increasing density of the circuits and the increasing cost pressures, makes the new CNC-1 production cell an important investment for the modern PCB-manufacturer, when the basic needs are versatility, precision, speed and efficiency.

The CNC-1 is a modular system that offers simplicity in operation and maintenance, while maintaining the highest drilling output of approx. 50.000 holes/hour.

The CNC-1 is ideal for precision multi-layer boards as well as routing applications, and it's rock-solid platform makes it ideal for high speed drilling even at increased stack heights.
It is also your answer to the problems with idling between jobs and increased operator set-up costs.

The modular design of the CNC-1 allows you to expand your drilling and routing capacity as your production grows.

The CNC-1 production cells are linked together via the Mape ProgramBank PC based system, which includes a powerful front-end tool as well as the Mape MachineDoctor diagnostic system for easy trouble-shooting as well as full Excellon format compatibility for both drilling and routing CAD/CAM program outputs. A special conversion package is available for direct programming from popular CAD/CAM systems.

We are with you all the way: From initial installation, operator training and to field-support and machine maintenance.

Technical details:
The machine is designed around a smooth granite rock of fine grain granite (Nero) and high precision linear bearings. All moving parts are protected from dust and debris for maximum life time.

The machine has an integrated clamping/extraction foot and it is equipped with an automatic tool change magazine with 20 tools per magazine, including error-detection system.

Optionally the machine can be supplied with a state of the art digitizing system, consisting of a powerful CCD video system with build in special optics and 20X magnification.

The approach of the machine is simple and straigthforward, and the no-nonsense design makes it suitable for almost any application.

The data entry is either direct programming on the machine or via the build in RS232 serial interface for connection to a standard PC, LAN, Server or CAD/CAM system.

A wide variety of post processors for the program conversion between the user-friendly MAPE-format and other popular formats, like e.g. Excellon, Sieb+Meyer, ISO, Gerber and other CAD-formats are available or can be custom made to your exact specification.

Special models can be supplied for the CNC-milling of plastic materials and non-ferrous metals and includes jet spray cooling of the workpieces.

For special purposes, we can offer special wide-body machines that can accomodate PCB's up to 700x525mm.

CNC-1 Production cell