Industry requests for a reliable "work-horse" routing-machine with large working area, have resulted in the design of new Mape CNC-4000 machine.

The CNC-4000 is a dedicated routing machine, using the latest heavy duty routing spindles from Precise Corp., resulting in unparallelled routing performance in 3-6 stack high PCB's.

The CNC-4000 is ideal for precision routing / de-panelization of high volume PCB production, and it offers 4 heads with 27"x22" (685x560mm)work area under each head.

Due to the fast tool change and the powerful spindle drives,the CNC-4000 offers high productivity and continous routing quality.

Air-bearing devices are excluded from the CNC-4000 design in order to achieve the desired level of mechanical stiffness.
The design is based on precision mechanical bearings, because it offers the highest mechanical rigidity, which is essential for achieving precision routing in super-high PCB-stacks.

Standard features of the machine are CNC-controlled clamping foot pressure, detachable clamping foot system, high speed serial communication and "MachineDoctor" diagnostic system.

The CNC accepts Sieb+Meyer and Excellon formats directly, and the operation is by far the most convenient and user-friendly.

The compact design and small service- and maintenance costs, ensures the lowest cost-of-operation in the industry.