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Mape has developed a unique Converter for driving High Frequency spindles, called Mape "DYNATORQUE". The converter is able to control spindles with output ranges from 500W to several KW.

Typical applications are for ball- or air bearings spindles in the PCB Industry and in the high-speed metal milling industry.

The converter is able to decellerate an air-bearing spindle from e.g. 120.000 RPM to zero within 1 sec in order to reach stand-still as fast as possible. This is an important feature if an air-supply error occurs. Fast decelleration is mandatory in order to avoid bulky air-tanks in the machine design.
A programmable DC breaking voltage is also available for air-bearing spindles.
In addition to the above features, the Dynatorque converters have a special features which gives unrivalled performance of any spindle/motor: The spindle load is continously monitored by the converter, and when no power is needed (i.e. when the tool is out of the workpiece, the converter immediately lower the applied power to the spindle hence lowering the heat build-up in the spindle. However, when the spindle is loaded, the converter increases the voltage to the spindle, hence lowering the current through the windings and again the converter -at the same time- is saving power in the windings and giving enormous torque and power to the tool. It is often a problem to maintain the correct tooling parameters when drilling or routing with very large tool diameters (in the PCB Industry this is around 4.0-6.4mm), simply because conventional converters are unable to compensate for the dramatic loss in torque at low revolutions which is common for normal spindle designs. But with the Mape Dynatorque converter, it is possible to run right from 5000RPM to top speed at extreme torque levels.
This means a dramatic increase in both tool-life and hole quality in PCB-drilling.

For larger spindles for metal milling etc. (in the kW range), the relative RPM is of course much lower, but the dramatic effect of the Dynatorque converter is still maintained, without introducing any drawbacks like excessive heating of the motor unit etc. Even at very steep acceleration- and decellerations, there is no problem in the spindles rotational balance and in addition to the unique performance explained above, there is a "real-time" error-signal available for a connected CNC, which makes it possible to retract the Z-axis from the workpiece prior to damaging the bearings, should excessive forces occur during the working procedure.

Dynatorque Converters