In the early 80ís, Mape developed the first multispindle drilling/routing machine.
At the 1985 Productronica-show were 3 machines on display:
CNC-1000 (one spindle machine), CNC-2000 (twin spindle machine) and the four spindle CNC-4000.

The models have since then undergone frequent re-designs, improvements and new developments.

Today, Mape is focussing on the flexible CNC-1 range of high-speed machines.
The basic model comes in a variety of specialized versions like e.g.:
-Dedicated driller/routers for the PCB industry,
-Depaneller for populated boards,
-Milling machines for non-ferrous materials with integrated cooling-fluid systems.

Mape CNC-1/M machines are e.g. used for producing the thousands of fine holes in B&O's loudspeaker-fronts used in some of the world's most exclusive cars, where quality and precision is setting new standards.