Products_ CNC-2000XL

Our customer's direct request for increased productivity at the lowest costs per hole in the industry has resulted in the new design of the CNC-2000L drilling and routing machines.

The CNC-2000XL is ideal for precision multi-layer board drilling applications, and it provides the smallest footprint and the smallest cost-per-hole ratio in the industry.

Mape CNC-system's legendary user-friendliness has made the machines popular among CNC-operators and process engineers for the past 3 decades. The average person can actually run the machine after just 4 hours.

The latest version of Mape's highly succesful CNC-2000-XL incorporates several exiting new features, maintaining Mape's position at the leading edge of PCB drilling machine technology.

A state-of-the-art laser tool dimension measurement and diagnostic system measures spindle run-out down to micron level, and incorporates a broken bit detection system, a vital facility for ISO9000 quality assured production.

At the same time, a new, simple-to-use software feature enables the unit to drill large 32"x24" panels faster than any conventional machine, by using both spindles simultaneously.

Other new features of the machine are individual Z-axis control, CNC-controlled clamping foot pressure, detachable clamping foot system, 150% increase in production output, high speed serial communication and "MachineDoctor" diagnostics.

The CNC-2000XL is avaliable in a dedicated router version, with unparalleled routing performance in up to 6 stack high PCB's.

All Mape machines are capable of executing programs in both Excellon and Sieb+Meyer command structure.