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The Mape range of high speed drilling and routing machines are among the most versatile and certainly the most economical of all drilling machines in the world market.

All Mape machines are well thought out, easy to operate and very service friendly. The low cost of operation makes the Mape machine the most economical and "green" machines in the world.

With Mape machines you can go all the way: From small drill shop to large scale production without sacrificing flexibility or production safety.

Mape machines are inexpensive yet a powerful tool combined with a long service life and up to date technology.

The price and performance is unrivalled by any standard, and that is why the small drill shop may start with one Mape CNC machine and extend their production capacity according to the market need.
The new generation of Mape CNC-1 "Production Cell's" may be operated individually or in parallel.
This does not only mean huge production outputs, but it also means a high degree of flexibility and last but not least, the safety and comfort, that only independent machines can provide.

The Mape CNC-2000XL generates 100.000 holes per hour, and this gives the best price/performance ratio in the business.
The automatic laser measuring device provides security against human introduced errors in the production.
All in all, Mape machines are the most versatile machines build today, and bottom line is, that we provide the lowest cost-per-hole in the industry.

The CNC-1 fills the gap between the multispindle machines of the CNC-2000XL/CNC-4000 range and small production machines.

The CNC-1 machine is a new generation of highly productive "modular production cells", which means "stackable" drilling and routing machines with a very small footprint of only 1x0.85mtr, yet with a large working area. The great advantage for the smart PCB manufacturer is, that he can invest in more production capacity whenever he need it, without making risky investments in large multispindle machines.

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